March 13th, 2009



So barring any other plans with somebody from work, I may be dogsitting Ricochet on Sunday. I have to check with Amy first.

There are things I want to accomplish this weekend, above all.

I need to clean up the first scene of Chapter 1 on Gypsy Fiddle. Hell, that will lead to a cleanup of the whole chapter. Once I have the first 7500 words as clean and nice as I can make them right now, I will post on OWW.

So, if I'm dogsitting, I'll do that while I watch the puppeh.

There was something else I wanted to accomplish but my mind suddenly went blank.

And I think I know what I want to work on once I finish 'Fiddle. Set in the same universe but not a sequel. A secondary character in the prologue set that off. I wanted to do high fantasy but we'll see. That's still a way away. The 'Fiddle sequel will wait.

Speaking of fiddles. Chances are good that I'll be seeing Scythian live twice next week. Gods help the poor men. Bwahaha.

ETA: This is what blanked on. Reminder to self if I can make it: flycon2009