March 14th, 2009


Mai brane

Had a very vivid dream about a certain non-Irish Irish musician. I blame kurizumaru for insinuating certain things.


*cough* This is why I say 'the poor men'.
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Gypsy Fiddle

Genre... Fantasy vs. Horror

So, in puttering around OWW, I come to the page where I'm to submit my work.

Here's my question:

How do you define 'fantasy' versus 'horror', when you have all the horror creatures (werewolves, witches) without the scare factor of horror?

I've always just been writing what I like, I didn't really think too much about what to call the genre, and I've taken up 'urban fantasy' as a label because it's the only thing that comes close, but, at least in this story, I don't have any of the classic fantasy creatures.

Then again, why isn't The Skewed Throne 'urban fantasy' since it takes place in a city? Therefore, isn't it urban?

I'm just being rambly. I mean I get the general jist of the term, but I don't want to submit my work and somebody be all 'how is this fantasy? It should be under horror" or vice versa. Then again, I'm sure they'll have more constructive things to say than that.

Damn, if I need help just clicking a radio button on this site, what hope do I have? LOL