March 22nd, 2009

DW: exterminieren! (cowboyhd)

Lesson Learned

I can't wish for a quick, painless death, and work on a difficult revision at the same time.

Another weekend wasted.

Another reason to go to work tomorrow so I don't waste my sick time on being sick.
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Scythian at Penn State

So on Wednesday we went to see Scythian at PSU. I almost didn't go.

But then, I almost didn't go to The Big Jig either. I'm glad I went both days.

On Wednesday, I was a little exhausted still from Tuesday night, but as always ready for more Scythian. We picked up our friend Eli in State College and headed on down. I think we were the only non-students there, and probably thanks to Kris' big mouth we got some poor bloke in trouble for letting us in.

We would've gotten in anyway, we saw Dante the roadie, we would've sweet-talked him into letting us in.

The show was every bit as kickin' as the night before, if only much shorter. They played The Devil Went Down to Georgia, much to my glee.

Devil Went Down To Georgia

See? Win.

Hung out a little bit after their set. The headliner, something called Carbon Leaf, was barely a blip on the radar. Not really interesting at all. This time, I did end up talking to Joey more than to Dan or Leks, and Mike actually stopped and said more than two words to Kris. We think he's either not gay or drumsexual (Kris mentioned something about the drums and that's what stopped him). I may upload some pics later. Now I'm sick and tired.

But you can see one of the pics in this icon. The picture was Eli's idea. The pose was Joe's.