April 2nd, 2009

Life on Mars: skeptic Sam (dallowayward)

Oh fiddlesticks

Overslept again.

Not sure why.

I think there was a dream involved... but I didn't even hear the alarm go off a second time. That's not right.

Woke up with 10 minutes to spare to move my car.

That's not good.
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24: pickles!

Addendum: Visa

I am leaning toward closing the card.

I don't need shiny credit. I have a car, I don't want a house, I'm done taking any loans until I pay off the one I have.

I need my money. And paying an extra $25 a month for the privilege of sometime in the future being able to maybe play WoW for free one month out of four?

What am I nuts?

Even if I did stick with it, even if I did transfer the balance to another card and kept the card itself open, who's to say the APR would EVER go back down?

I'm writing a strongly-worded 'fuck you' letter. I'm not paying for their Christmas bonuses, or their yachts, or their $4,000 handbags.
Captain Jack: WhatEVER

Addendum: Addendum

I wrote the letter. Will fax from work (not wasting a stamp on those bastards).

I feel better.

Decided that I will make every payment on time, the minimum amount they require. And I will keep track of every cent that is paid to the finance charges. Oh yes, a spreadsheet, with shiny colours.

I will tally up every finance charge I make from now on.

And once the balance left on the card matches what I've paid in finance charges from now until then, I'm going to stop paying.

Fuck 'em all. They're not getting one more cent out of me. They could've played nice. They could've gotten years more of finance charges from me. But their thinly veiled attempt at a powergrab, stabbing me in the back after the years of finance charges they have already got from me?

At that point they can come to me and ask 'what the fuck's up?' and maybe we'll come to a mutual agreement. I have a friend who was able to settle for a fraction of the balance. But they're going to have to kiss my ass.

And now I'm going to work.
24: pickles!

Writer's Block: In a Jam

If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator—from tv, movies, or books—would you want to help you?
My first thought was Jack Bauer, but I might just end up dead over some unpaid parking tickets. That'll ruin my whole day... all 24 cracktastic hours of it.

So then I thought, the guys from Leverage. They're con men, really, but they get the job done. And they're more fun to watch.