April 3rd, 2009

Radek: stressed (sithdragn)


I'm not feeling too happy about the whole Visa situation. I haven't done anything, yet, but I'm overcome by the realisation that they have me by the nuts regardless and that I need to find $3,000 ASAP.

Too bad we just cut down that money tree back there. Epic fail on our part.

I'm almost at the point of tears because I'm past the anger and I still feel powerless. My family doesn't have any money. I can't go to my grandparents for money. I'm already working 40 hours a week. I give any more to The Man and I lose my writing. My back is against the fucking wall.

How long of working at McD's will it take me to make $3,000? And you know I'd end up working graveyard which will totally fuck with my performance at my real job. Not to mention I'd need happy pills and a lot of booze in the meantime. I can't do that.
Ianto: fucking Jones (bmshipper)

Last Fuck You

Called Visa again. Got the same bullshit about how they can't afford to keep the APR down. So I told her in no uncertain terms that I would do what it takes to pay it off so they don't get any more interest from me. She tried to tell me about how I qualify for debt protection in case I lose my job.

"So what if I can't eat because I gotta pay all these bills?" I asked. "Does it cover me then?"

"Well if you lose your job--"

"I have a job, I just don't make enough for all this. Thank you, have a nice day."


So, as a temporary measure, I called Master Card to increase my limit (before I tank my credit by closing the Visa) so that I can do a balance transfer and tell Visa to suck my dick. My main problem with the Master Card was that the minimum payments were never going to get my balance down. So I paid it down to a couple of hundred. If I move everything into it, and pay as much as I possibly can each month, I'm still paying less interest.

*takes a shower, returns 30 minutes later* Sweet! Approved!

Okay, plan B. Scrounge up as much as possible throughout April. Pay the Visa down as much as humanly possible. Then, at the 11th hour, transfer the whole shebang into the Master Card. Keep the Visa open just as a last 'fuck you', but hide it in a drawer and never use it. Not closing it will look better for my credit anyway. That way they still get fucked and I win.

Thanks to everyone who's commented to my wangsting.

This means possibly no school this year, and no kilt this year. I still want season passes for the Ren Faire, but I'm putting that on the bottom of the list. Cutting road trips down to a minimum until I've brought the balance down. I can do this. I hope.
Merlin: Arthur's not buying it (cheshire

To Do

Quick before I go to work and forget about it all.

1. Hbg taxes
2. burn Merlin eps to DVD for tribalforces
3. figure out the whole Visa vs. MC thing a bit better, may need to PayPal myself the money and actually write Visa a cheque, as it seems MC is not doing balance transfers at this time (yeah would've helped to check that before I increased the limit, but I'll find a workaround)
4. cancel reservation with Homewood Suites
5. see if Giant is hiring