April 7th, 2009


Tuesday Morning

Last night trinitytyphoon got me to watch 'Trapped in the Closet' for the lulz. And there were many, many lulz.

But now I can't get the fucking thing out of my head, to the point that I'm doing it. "So I throw out the grinds, coffee grinds from last niiight, and I make some fresh coffee, ooh delicious fresh coffee..." Shoot me.

Hopefully Torchwood music will take care of that. If that fails, there's always Scythian.

So, this morning's list:

1. finish cutting chapter 1, email to kurizumaru
2. buy more chocolate
3. watch '24'
4. call Master Card
5. burn Merlin eps

ETA: And I totally didn't plan the icon matchiness of this entry. I didn't even know that was the icon for 'cold'.
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Gypsy Fiddle


Now that I have your attention...

There's a scene in chapter 1 that I'm waffling on. I don't normally do smut, not really. Yeah I've done the occasional PWP, way back in the day, but I was never really very good.

Chapter 1 is a bit too long, however, and I can't find a point to split into chapter 2 cleanly. So I'm left with trying to tighten the narrative. Part of why I'm looking at the smut is, it kind of diffuses the tension. This is what the smut itself hopes to accomplish for the character, but I don't want the same effect for the reader.

I should just keep up the UST.

*snip snip snip*

Also, breakfast time.