April 14th, 2009

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Death and...

Knee deep in tax forms. Knee deep. Last time I move in the middle of the year.

This will require lots of coffee and some loud music.

ETA: This became much easier when I realised I was doing it wrong.

ETA2: I'm sorry but this 'pro-ration worksheet' is designed to drive a man insane. Plus I don't see the need where the W-2 has all that information clear as day.
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Radek: Chief Engineer (psychofilly)

Lessons Learned

You know, looking at the bright side, at least I learned that I never want to be in debt again. It sucks. Royally.

It's one thing to have a car payment. But two credit cards and a loan on top of that?

The loan, at least I got the payments on that down a bit, and it's on autopay so I've chosen to forget about that. Like the car, it's the same amount each month, which sure counts for the lack of aggravation from it. It's a payment I know I'll be able to make next month.

As predicted by the lovely rosewildeirish, I got hit with back interest on the Visa. I set the whole thing to pay off and will box the card until the asshats decide I qualify for a reasonable interest rate. (Hope springs eternal.)

So that leaves me to concentrate on Master Card. Here's hoping that the fact that it's named after the Doctor's archnemesis isn't prophetic. *knock on wood* It will likely take years, not months, to get rid of that, but I made my bed, best lie in it and get as cozy as possible.

Now back to werewolves and fiddlers and mages, oh my!
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MacGyver: WWMD?


My least favourite part about writing urban fantasy is having to deal with the police.

Even though I've watched my share of Law and Order and still flail and fantard over The Sentinel (shut up, it is too a cop show), I still feel inept at writing anything having to do with police procedure. Even something as simple as 'we should call the cops and give a statement' has me gripping non-existant arm-rests and staring at the page with deer-in-headlights eyes.

I feel like I'm not being realistic if I don't let them go to the cops, and I feel like I'm glossing over something important if I gloss over it. Then I feel like I'm getting everything wrong if I try to write it in. Link would know as well as anybody how crooked the police in this version of Harrisburg is, but he would still go through the motions, even if he knows it's a waste of time.

Perhaps the fact that he knows it's a waste of time will make the glossing over seem more logical. Perhaps he's just used to working cases all the way through himself precisely because he doesn't trust the cops to handle it. Right now the boys trust him. If he says 'let's go to the police', they'll agree. If he doesn't, they won't question.

So maybe Link won't go through the motions. I think that will be the issue I will ponder while I work today.