May 12th, 2009

Gypsy Fiddle

Writing, Inertia and Everything Else

I'm supposed to be getting back to work on Gypsy Fiddle. I do have a few ideas I'm going to implement in the first few chapters, but I just can't seem to get started back up. It's happened before but it always frightens the fuck out of me. I guess because without this all I have is a cubicle and following a band around PA. And that's pathetic. It's fun, but it does nothing to keep the hope of leaving the cubicle alive. It's just a temporary escape from the cubicle.

At first it's fear. I'm sitting here and I think "Oh my god, I'm going to start reading this thing again and realise what a bunch of crap it is and I'll never be able to write again." But I should tell myself that that kind of defeatist talk never got anyone anywhere. And I know that.

It's just been a tough few weeks. At least I've had my Scythian fix and can move on. I hope. Okay this morning, I won't work OT, I'll sit here and read the first few chapters of Gypsy Fiddle, for better or for worse.
SGA: fantards

I'm a sad, sad fanboy

I clearly remember Danylo looking disappointed that I said we weren't going to NC to see them.

The fact that I'm only thinking of this two days later means nothing. Nothing at all.

Okay for your sanity and mine... name my next topic. Leave a comment with whatever topic you want me to write about in my next entry. Sky's the limit. Comments screened for the surprise factor.