May 13th, 2009

Ianto: lj gone mad (jhava)

This is all your fault - #1

Tacos are actually amazing. I'm not a carnivore, but they make amazing substitutions and it's all about the taco sauce anyway. They're kind of like Mexico's answer to the sammich.

Now I know that Taco Bell is about as removed from real Mexican cuisine as China Buffet is removed from Chinese cuisine, so I went on Wiki to try and find out more about real tacos. They're kinda gross. Like "head tacos" filled with cow head muscles or brains. Or tongue. Or even the eyes! *gag* Then there's all the tripe involved. "Sweaty Tacos" actually sound worse than they are.

I do want to try Indian tacos made with Navajo Frybread. (I thought we weren't supposed to call them 'Navajo' and they call themselves Diné?)

Anyway, frybread sounds nummy.

And that is my entry about tacos, brought to you by action_doll.
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