May 15th, 2009


Fantard FTW

Baltimore. Tonight, 10pm. I told myself if it was anytime before 10pm I wouldn't go.

Guess I will go.

This post brought to you by the Wolf's mid-life crisis.

ETA: Starting to rethink this. I don't want to go by myself. That's kind of failtastic.

The economy affects even zombies

Actually, I think zombies would make a great unliving right now, especially in the 'current economic climate'. As more and more people become homeless and/or unemployed, the enterprising zombie will have a greater chance of hiding in plain sight, and the opportunities for NOMS are growing.

Now this is survival. If we're talking profits above and beyond that, that's when it gets tricky. With zombie populations on the rise, even a higher number of available brains will have to be divided amongst all able bodied zombies willing to walk at anything faster than a shuffle. And we do know by now that faster and stronger strains of zombies have evolved since the 1950's, so we may yet be in for a zombie apocalypse as they compete for resources.

Short post but I'm distracted by this crackfest.

Post brought to you by fables.
Ianto: lj gone mad (jhava)

Last Minute Decisions

1. Baltimore is still up in the air. I will pack my gym clothes in case I decide not to.

2. Tomorrow will be spent writing. Chapter Two of Gypsy Fiddle won't edit itself.

3. Tomorrow evening Kris should be coming over for dinner. Either way, that spinach needs to be cooked.

4. Sunday, off to thothscribe81's

5. Monday. Later, rinse, repeat.

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