June 2nd, 2009

Rodney: icanhascoffee (a_gal_icons)

I no can has coffee?

Out of coffee. Running water through yesterday's grounds a few times for flavour. If that.

I need to make a phone call or two this morning. I need to make an appointment at the old Honda place for service. I'm even out of wiper fluid. D'oh.

I should call AT&T but I don't have their number. So I might leave that be.

I have to pick up a package from my grandparents.

I parked behind Dan's Prelude this morning. I was just thinking 'random tiny Honda' when I wrote it in, there really was no basis in reality for it. Now I'm parked behind it. I thought it'd be red, but apparently it's white and it's missing the left rear-view mirror. I'm sure that's ticket-worthy. I'm sure Dan won't pay that ticket.

This watery coffee isn't cutting it.

I wish I could just skip today.
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