June 17th, 2009

TS: rain kiss (swahilina)

Jim and Blair rock out

So I was informed that New Found Glory made a remake of 'King of Wishful Thinking' by Go West. I hadn't heard the song since Go West first put it out. So I went on YouTube to listen to the remake, then found the original video under related (of course).

It's amazing how cheesetastic vids from the early 90's are now.

And as I was watching this vid I noticed a vague similarity...

Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg formed a band. And it was spectacularly cheesetastic.
Trek: doctor not n00b (theanswer42)

Of course now I'll look 'trendy'

So I go to my 'manage schools' to add 'Starfleet Academy' for shits and grins... and I found that I had already added it at some point in the distant past and I just hadn't set up the 'show' option on it.

Yeah, so I guess on some level I'm trendy. But I'm really not. I'm stealth-trendy! I'm a GQMF. Or something.
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Celtic Fling

Final countdown.

So far it looks like four people are for certain, two are tentative, two more up for grabs.

If that's 8 people then it'll be $75 a head for both nights. We can fit up to 10 and the price per head may go down.

Please RSVP.