July 21st, 2009

Gypsy Fiddle

Fear the Fiddler

Just a bit of a PSA right now, Brian from Enter the Haggis had his fiddle stolen. It's his only fiddle, which he had for 15 years, and he's in dire need of a replacement. Since Haggis Heads are amazing, he started getting flooded with offers to help, so he decided to give something back.

So yes, he is asking for donations, but he will make it worth your while and I thought I would pass it on to you guys, since a lot of you are indie music lovers and music lovers in general.

Brian's offer. It's not a contest or a raffle.

And just so you know who you're helping, here's some classic Brian:

Watch him at 03:15. He can make that fiddle wail like an electric guitar.
Gypsy Fiddle

Gypsy Fiddle

Note to self: It really should be 3 nights to the full moon, but it may need some tweaking in chapter one. So remember to use the phone booth to go back, change the six to a three, then go back again, get the jail cell keys, and free the historical figures. Oh, and make sure it doesn't say 'Friday' anywhere in chapter one.