July 28th, 2009

DW: fat walks away (cowboyhd)

State of the Wolf

With August just around the corner, the last week of July is dragging on. On the arts front, I haven't been able to write much beyond a few lines a week, which is depressing. I'm still practicing the violin, which so far so good, but not a real consolation for not writing.

Rejoined WoW. Grinding Timbermaw rep in Felwood.

Still working out, but eating too many sweets at work. I have to get that under control before I balloon again.

August. First weekend I plan on doing nothing. I have a haircut scheduled on Saturday, then I come home. And I'm not leaving.

Second week is when the madness starts. Musikfest Wednesday and Thursday, recovery Friday, Ren Faire Sat-Sun. Two day work week FTW.

August 22nd, Shots McGee play Ceoltas. Woot!

I don't know what else is afoot. Depends on how many weekends Scythian does the Ren Faire. Anyone wanna come along? You get discount tix in August for coming with a Season Pass holder!