March 2nd, 2012


Joining the 21st Century

I've been putting this off for weeks. Months, probably.

I've spent the majority of my life collecting CD's. Ever since they first rolled out on those long wasteful cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic and those clunky jewel cases of yore, I've been amassing them. And when I moved to PA, they were shipped to me in gigantic cardboard boxes by my grandparents, who had no room for them in their old house.

For years they sat in my parents' basement, where they were joined by new CD's I accumulated by working at the customer service branch of one of those mail order CD scams (12 CD's for a penny! Then buy four at regular price within the next year and cancel at any time!). Now they are all in my tiny one-bedroom flat in the city, and they need to GO.

But, not wanting to let go of music I may one day want to listen to again, I am currently testing the limits of my Google Music cloud space. Unfortunately, I can't simply wave a sonic screwdriver or tricorder over my stack of CD's and automatically rip them all at once. I have to put each one in, one at a time, and wait for my old laptop to turn them all into MP3's.

It's like my life flashes before my eyes. Very. Very. Very. Slowly.

Summer of '69 was one of my favourite songs when I was too young to know what the hell it was about. I just knew Bryan Adams was too young to have done all that in 1969.

The first stack of CD's, pulled out of a box sitting under my kitchen table (it's almost like a scavenger hunt!), contains two Van Halen albums, one of them featuring the guy from Extreme. I didn't mind him. A couple Aerosmiths, a few movie soundtracks, including the nice special edition Star Wars trilogy, which I'm probably going to keep. Then there's Avril Lavigne before she went full-hussy and The Party before they broke up. Points if you know about The Party. I actually think I'd still follow them if they were still around.

It's worth noting that I'm listening to one of my Pandora stations as I do this, and it just started playing The Final Countdown. I don't know what to make of this.

Now all of my old CD's are gems, however… I just uncovered Boyz II Men "II", and I put it in the pile but I'm not sure… maybe I'll put that down at the bottom of the pile, in case I hit my limit.