May 26th, 2012


Cover Art Update

So I found the base image I want to use for my book cover. Now I need to flex my sketching muscles in order to complete it. It's funny, but Terra Paradox has been the most difficult up until now to imagine a cover for.

The medieval fantasy I just started drafting? I have a VIVID image of what the cover looks like. I just have to make sure I can eventually convey that to the artist.

Gypsy Fiddle? I have general ideas, certainly more detailed than what I'd been able to come up with for Paradox. So I'm not really disappointed that I can't afford to pay an artist for this one. I'm not really failing to reach my ideal, as there was no ideal.

I'm going for a symbolic representation in this one. There's a persistent image in the book itself that I'm going to try and draw. I'll probably start randomly sketching at the D&D table today. Just practice and try out the idea until I get it right. :)
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