August 7th, 2013

DW: UN!D oh yes! (cowboyhd)

Green vs. Green

So after a lot of thinking, plans have once again changed. It comes down to my car. She needs a new part, and to pass inspection next month. So I probably shouldn't go buying two pairs of shoes and an $80+ pair of pants to wear once. You know what I'm saying? And then there's the sewing and make up and hair... madness that way lies.

So I'm going to pare it down. I really have a specific image for Ozma, so I'm pushing that costume back to next year or so, to give myself time to get it right. What I will do is incorporate certain pieces so that at least I'm partially there. This leaves me with some money to spend on my other costume, for Bad Faeries Ball. And now of course I'm rethinking that one, too. LOL

Whatever. I have plans and it will all work out.