August 25th, 2013

Jars (ohsweetwitchery)


Things at Ye Olde Day Jobbe are hectic this month, so we're also doing half days on Saturday. Takes all the magic out of Friday, and ruins half a Saturday, but this too shall pass. My family did rescue me from despair yesterday by gathering the crew for a round of Dungeons and Dragons. A friend who used to work a funky schedule is now doing a regular Monday - Friday so he joined us as well (it was so hard to get him to come before, and we missed him terribly!). (willow_cabin and mermaiden you met Jay at Spoutwood.) Many a goblin was slain.

Today I'm heading up rt. 22 to Michael's for supplies, maybe JoAnn's to start gathering fabric, and if the Spirit Halloween store is finally truly open, I should stop there first for a pair of cheap large-ish faerie wings that I can tear apart and remake in my image. Because FAERIECON!

After much deliberation, I've settled on my costumes for both balls. For Good Faeries Ball, I will be a rainbow faerie. I actually got the idea vaguely from some art I saw online but didn't save a link to. It was angel wings that looked almost like stained glass in many colours. So I'm making 'stained glass' faerie wings. At least that's the plan. I'm going to Michael's to see what I can scrounge up. I can probably get coloured plastic sheets at an office supply, but they may not have all the colours and I may be able to get inspiration at Michael's on how best to do it.

For the rest of the costume I'm going to the Good Will and grabbing as many colourful pieces of clothing I can find, then putting them all together artistically. Haha. It will require minimal stitching, the way I'm hoping to do it. There is one thing I want to actually make from scratch, which is where the JoAnn's trip comes in.

It occurs to me that my non-crafting and non-US friends may be thinking I have friends named Michael and JoAnn with generous closets. LOL Well I do! Michael and JoAnn are my friends!

Bad Faeries Ball. Two words: Fallen Angel. Should not require stitching, but probably will require painting. And fire. And tiny hair clips. All will make sense in the end.

I want to travel. I'm feeling that bug hardcore. I'm thinking if I can't make it to Europe next year, I may just go to the west coast and do FaerieWorlds in the summer. Who's with me?

I'm going to get some stuff done before it's late enough that the stores will be open. Stupid Sunday hours. LOL