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Buhfly's Halloween challenge

A Werewolf's First Halloween

Starring: AU Rikki
With: AU Jaz, AU Patrick, AU Walker, Gillian Hartwell, Rob
Featuring: a handful of trick-or-treaters

Rikki finished adjusting the fake cobwebs in the living room and glanced at the digital clock next to the phone on the corner end table. 6:50 it read in bold green letters. She’d told her friends to be there by seven o’clock, which she knew meant more like 7:30.

She eyed the cobwebs critically. She wanted them to look as realistic as possible, but she’d never really seen cobwebs that size and had no frame of reference. Finally, she gave up that pursuit and turned to the refreshments table. Sugar cookies decorated with orange icing jack-o-lanterns and white icing ghosts, candy corn, soda, ‘fun size’ Snickers bars… “I don’t know what’s so ‘fun’ about them,” she muttered to herself, bored. “They’d be more fun if they were bigger.”

Then she checked her costume. She was dressed as a vampire, ironically enough, with a long black cloak and tiny plastic fangs. She wasn’t so sure the white makeup on her face looked real enough, but she liked how it contrasted with the black eye makeup.

She glanced at the clock. 6:56.

Nothing to do but wait. She sat on the couch and stared at the wall. She wasn’t even a fan of Halloween normally, but she wanted to do something nice for her friends. They were always so busy taking care of their kids and fighting every monster that threatened the Sept. Part of it was a selfish need to spend some carefree time with them. It had been so long since their meetings hadn’t consisted of defence tactics and weapons talk.

She knew they’d get a kick out of her costume. A werewolf dressed as a vampire was a once-in-a-lifetime sight. They’d be surprised. It wasn’t her usual kind of humour.

She glanced at the clock again. 6:59. Maybe she’d be lucky and someone would be on time. She stood up and started pacing. She reached the refreshments table and grabbed a candy corn kernel, popping it in her mouth. It tasted horrid, but she was afraid to swallow it, and couldn’t well chew with her fake fangs. She walked to the trash can and spit it out. How anyone could eat those things was beyond her comprehension.

She walked back towards the couch and glanced at the clock again. 6:61. “Fuck, where are these people?”

That’s when she caught on. “Six… sixty one? The fuck?” She stared at the clock in confusion, frowning. She moved closer and pressed the time adjust button. Nothing happened. The numbers were now glowing yellow instead of green. She turned on the radio, but all she got was static.

“Fuck. What the hell’s wrong with this thing?”


She shook her head and unplugged the clock. The numbers continued to glow on the display panel. She rolled her eyes, realising what must be happening. She opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch. “Gillian! You can stop it now, I know it’s you!”

There was no response. Rikki put her hands on her hips and tried again. “Jil! It was funny, ha ha, now come in here and help me eat this candy corn!”

When she got no response she snorted and returned to the house. If Gillian wanted to stay outside in the cold she could knock herself out.


It was becoming less obvious that it was Gillian’s magick. But it had to be somebody’s magick, right? Clocks don’t go past :59. Rikki shook her head and decided to ignore it. It was just a clock, what could be the point?


She sat down and crossed one leg over the other. Yet she couldn’t help but look at the clock every few seconds. It was still going.

6:66. The numbers were red now, and blinking steadily. “Huh?” She stood up, unable to hide her curiosity, and stepped closer to the clock, leaning down to watch the red lights blinking. That’s when her Garou nose picked up the faint smell of something burning. “You broke it, whoever you are!” she shouted, aimed at whoever was responsible for this trick.

Smoke began to come out of the clock, the numbers still blinking. Then it began to twitch right on the table. Rikki jumped back out of surprise, then approached again. She wasn’t afraid, not of a digital clock. The twitching clock graduated to jumping like a Mexican jumping bean. Finally, the back panel popped out of the casing and the clock stopped moving.

And a tiny person emerged from within. The term ‘person’ is used loosely, as this being was only four inches tall and had red skin, along with a pair of tiny horns and a little spiked red tail. It stood on top of the ruined clock (which still flashed 6:66), and cackled loudly, its voice echoing in the room.

“What the fuck are you?” Rikki asked.

The creature stood up to its full height, fists on its tiny hips, trying to look menacing and failing miserably. “Beware, mortal! I am Lucifer!”

Rikki arched a brow and tilted her head. “Lucifer? Okay. Nice to meet you, I guess. I’m Rikki.”

This threw Lucifer for a loop. “You don’t fear me? I am Beelzebub!”

“Didn’t you just say you were Lucifer? MPD much?” She rolled her eyes. “So what do you want, Lucy?”

Lucifer’s eyes opened as wide as tiny little Barbie saucers. “Lucy? You dare call me Lucy?”

Rikki folded her arms under her chest and frowned. “This is my house. I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want. Now answer my question.”

“I come to eat your soul!” Lucifer said, and cackled again.

Rikki burst out laughing. “You’re three inches tall, you’re not eating anything.”

“Four inches,” Lucifer corrected. “Anyway, it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it.”

Laughing still, Rikki grabbed Lucifer by the tail and stuffed him in a plastic trick-or-treat baggy, tying it closed. Then she tossed the whole thing onto the table. She’d deal with him later.

The bell rang. This time, Rikki was not only relieved, she was equal parts bitchy. She yanked the door open. “What?”

Walker took half a step back from the force of her question. “Uhm, trick or treat?” He was wrapped up in toilet paper: the cheapest mummy costume in the history of modern American Halloween.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Hey Walker. Come in. Eat, drink. Be merry.” She closed the door but left it unlocked, and plopped back down on the couch. The broken clock was still flashing 6:66. It was getting really annoying. And she really must do something about the tiny demon on the table. Maybe, hopefully, like a bad cold, it would go away if she ignored it.

The bell rang again. “Trick or treat!”

“Ugh, kids. Walker, would you toss them some of those Snicker bars for me please? Thanks.” She closed her eyes and tried to relax while Walker opened the door and handed out the candy.

“Hey Walker, hey Rikki!”

Rikki cracked an eye half-open and saw Gillian come in, dressed as an accident victim. She had car parts sticking out of her chest and shards of glass imbedded in her skull. She wouldn’t have bet money on them being fake, from the look of that blood. She knew Gillian was twisted…

Twisted enough to have summoned some sort of imp to hop out of Rikki’s clock?

Frowning, she stood up. “Hi Gillian. How have you been?”

Gillian grinned, causing more blood to ooze out of her wounds. The effect was rather frightening. “Great! You?”

“Not bad. Oh hey Rob, how’re you doing?” she added when another of her friends entered the house and waved. Rob wasn’t wearing a costume. She didn’t bother asking why. She watched him file right towards the food, and didn’t wonder why. He ate more than the rest of them put together. He waved absently at her and attacked the candy corn. Rikki almost gagged.

“Rikki…” It was Walker.


“What are you supposed to be dressed as?” he asked warily.

“Guess.” She grinned at him, showing fang.

Walker took another step back, blinked, stared, then turned away and joined Rob at the food. Rikki chuckled to herself.

“Hey Rikki, what do you got in here?” Rob asked, just in time for Rikki to turn around and see him opening the bag containing Lucifer.

“Rob! No!” But it was too late. Cackling madly, the demon jumped out of the bag and ran down the hallway.

“What the fuck?” Rob muttered.

“You idiot! You let Lucifer out!” she yelled at him, and chased Lucifer down the hallway. The tiny demon was wreaking havoc in her bedroom, tipping over stacks of CD’s and messing up piles of laundry on the floor.

“You little fucker!” She chased him around the room, trying to stomp him with her boot.

When he managed to escape from the room altogether, she got really pissed. She reached into her closet and pulled out her sawed-off shotgun. “Okay, that’s it, no more Mrs. Nice Garou.” She loaded the gun, and stuffed more shells in her pocket. “Come out come out wherever you are…” She left the room and stalked down the hallway. She peered into the bathroom and every available space.

She heard his cackle, and blew the bathroom mirror to bits with her shotgun. But Lucifer hopped down from the ruined medicine cabinet, laughing, pissing her off even more. She chased him back to the living room, shooting holes into the wooden floor, screaming obscenities. “Get back here you fucker!”

“Hahaha! Can’t catch me! I’m the Prince of Fucking Darkness!”

She shot him again, barely missing Gillian’s leg. For a split second, Rikki thought a shotgun wound would complement her costume nicely. The demon jumped around the room, diving into the bowl of candy corn.

“Hey! Don’t contaminate the candy!” Rob shouted, digging into the bowl and pulling out the squirming demon. Then he tossed him aside.

“What the fuck? Rob! You let him go!”

“It bit me!” Rob complained, and sucked his thumb.

Rikki loaded the shotgun again and aimed it at Rob’s head. She may or may not have pulled the trigger, but was distracted by Lucifer’s cackle again. The shootout continued, with no clear resolution. Rikki’s friends merely tried to stay out of the warpath, and resorted to gossiping amongst themselves.

One of the shots had taken out the doorknob, so when Jaz and Patrick arrived, they let themselves in. “Okay, what’s going on?” Patrick asked, stepping in between Jaz and the doorway, trying to protect his taller husband.

“Got a loose Lucifer running around,” Rikki snarled, shoving two more shells into the shotgun. “Where is he?”

“Lucifer?” Jaz seemed to know what he was talking about.

“Is that a Catholic thing?” Rikki asked.

Jaz arched a brow. “I guess…”

“Ahahahahaha! I’m the Prince of Fucking Darkness!”

Rikki let out another shot barely two feet in front of Jaz and Patrick, right before Lucifer slipped out between their legs and ran off into the night. “I’m the Prince of Darkness! I come to eat your soul!” His shouts could still be heard in the distance, a few moments later.

“Fuck,” Rikki swore. “Oh well, not my problem anymore.” She shrugged, relaxing.

“Oh hey,” Jaz said, looking at the broken clock. “How’d you get it to flash 666 like that? It’s cool.”

Her shotgun still had shells in it, so, without warning, she raised it and aimed for the clock. She blew it away right in front of Jaz. “Nevermind.” She tossed the empty gun onto the couch. “Eat. Drink. Be merry. It’s Hallo-fucking-ween.”

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