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God and Heaven

If you think about it, Heaven is a ridiculous concept.

Let's for the moment assume that there is a Judeo-Christian god, and that the system really is set up like advertised: if you're a moral, upstanding Christian and follow all the rules and yada yada, you go to Heaven.

This all sounds nice and fairy tale-like, but let's look at it from God's perspective. Most of his time -if not all of it- is spent watching people die, deciding if he likes them or not, and taking the ones he likes and putting them in Heaven, while tossing the ones he doesn't like into the firey pits of Hell.

Let's put aside the fact that this is incredibly immature behaviour, particularly for a deity. "I don't like you because you didn't like me enough, therefore I'm going to barbecue you for eternity..." But we're putting that aside. What God wants is basically minions, worshipping him and being all nice and boring for eternity in Heaven.

If this was the whole point of existence, why didn't he just create the minions all miniony in the first place? Why go through the whole charade of life and free will and all of that?

You know what? If this god did exist, I'd go right up to him, flip him off, then go hang out in Hell with all the cool people. I live in Puerto Rico, I'm used to heat.

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