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WoD Quiz

Shifters: You are a group untied in two things:
your understanding of the Weaver, Wyrm, and
Wyld, and your ability to change forms in order
to better maintain the balance. Cat, spider,
raven, rat, bear, lizard, coyote, or shark, it
all matters little. You mourn the loss of your
fellow shifters the were-snake Naga; killed by
the too proud werewolves in a war not easily
forgotten. Your numbers may be few, but you
make up for your it with ingenuity and using
your brains. The earth is in peril, and you
fight, each in your own special ways, to keep
it from harm.

What type of World of Darkness Creature Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not surprised.

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