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[fic!] Blood and Ice

Warning: incest with a minor, consensual. You've been warned.
'Verse: an alternate mercury_u. Non-canon.

In response to B's improv request.


Gabriel Laurent was in control. This was the basis of his whole existence. He was learning control from his father, who’d learned it from his father in a much more violent manner. Gabriel was being reared to take over the single controlling organism on the island of St. John, Wednesday Technologies.

His life was properly ordered, compartmentalized and scheduled. And that was the way he liked it. He could predict with a high degree of accuracy how his day would go.

But he couldn’t predict his little sister. Barely fifteen, Diana was as smart as he was, but she didn’t desire the same kind of control Gabriel thrived on. She was complex, needless to say.

And the last thing he was thinking of when she walked into his office late one evening was of vampires. But there she was, his little sister, her eyes glinting the tell-tale red in the gloom of the office. “Hey, bro,” she said in the usual greeting, but the words had an added depth to them, a hint of what, he couldn’t say.

“What have you done?” he asked, staring at her, unwilling to accept that something so outside of his expectations of order and control had actually happened.

She climbed up on his desk, knees crushing important paperwork, knocking over pencil holders and business cards.

“What are you doing?” he asked her, rolling his chair back a foot.

“Oh it’s wonderful, Gabe!” she moaned, climbing down onto his lap, straddling him. “You have to try it…”

“You’re crazy,” he told her, watching her ruby eyes as her gaze slid over him. They used to be blue, like the North Atlantic ice flows. Blue like his own. She’d always been a smaller, blonder, female version of himself.

“No,” she said, staring him down. He was powerless under her new gaze. “I’ve never been more sane.” She ran a hand through his hair, tilting his head back and kissing him hungrily. There was an electricity to her touch, like static and high-grade ecstasy. He felt inexplicably aroused as his once-sexless sister became instantly sexualized. She rubbed her little body against his as her tongue dipped into his mouth.

He knew she was no virgin. She had probably not even been born a virgin. But she had never approached him this way, he had never wanted her this way. What would their parents say if they saw their precious children like this? Gabriel couldn’t imagine them giving a damn.

He knew he didn’t either. He slid a hand into her oversized trousers and boy briefs, finding the sweet yet altogether not innocent folds of flesh, eagerly probing her tight little pussy with his long fingers. She moaned and shuddered on his lap.

“That’s it, big brother,” she moaned, tilting her head back and grinning. He could see her fangs, could see her tongue slide over them, a trickle of blood escaping the corner of her mouth. It slid over her skin, strangely thin and colourless in the gloom. Wasn't blood supposed to be thicker than water?

He had to taste it. He pulled her down and ran his tongue over her mouth, then latched onto it, sucking at the few droplets her tongue would provide. It made him high, deliriously drowsy. He saw her like strobe lights at the disco, one scene leading to the next and to the next without any transition. He realized her trousers were off suddenly, his were down, and she was riding him and making noises he’d never heard her make before. Her pussy was like fingers around him, and a wet pulsating mouth at the same time, swallowing him endlessly.

“You like this,” Diana moaned, holding onto his shoulders, moaning and panting like a fallen angel raping the damned in the deeper pits of Hell.

“Yes,” he gasped. When he nipped at her neck she cried out, tightening around him so suddenly he almost came. But he wasn’t done. She grabbed hold of his hair and tilted his head to the side, then sunk those sharp little fangs into his neck. As his blood spilled into her mouth, his seed spilled into her warm center. And yet it seemed like his orgasm would never end. She kept drinking from him, taking from him on both ends. She was hot and getting hotter, filling up with his life.

Control was something he would no longer recognize, as she drained him dry. When she finished, she looked into his dead blue eyes and kissed his lips once more. “I love you,” she whispered, and left him there.

She got dressed and glanced at him one last time before leaving the office. He was still hard. Maybe he would stay that way. She hoped he did.

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  • Wow

    I can still get in here. Wow.

  • Go home, August, you're drunk

    Instead of repeating the same thing in reply to comments, I thought I'd just post an actual update. August has sucked so far. It all started…

  • I live

    How is everyone?