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Vampire slaying in Romania.

On the one hand, I weep for humanity that in 2004 we still need to dig up corpses to keep them from rising in the night and sucking people's blood.... can we get a wtf?

On the other hand, the guy's already dead, he doesn't care he's been dug up and cannibalised, so what's the harm? "...charges of disturbing the peace of the dead, which could carry a three-year jail term." The peace of the dead? They're DEAD, can't get more peaceful than that. Why do we need a law against this?

Random linguistic observation: the Romanian word for vampire, according to this article, is strigoi. Which I find interesting because the italian word for witch is strega. Gotta wonder if there's a common root.

Choice quote: But how could he be sure his illness came from a vampire?

``What other explanation is possible?'' he asked.

*head meets desk* We need to do something about the Romanian education system. *lmao*

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