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Green vs. Green

So after a lot of thinking, plans have once again changed. It comes down to my car. She needs a new part, and to pass inspection next month. So I probably shouldn't go buying two pairs of shoes and an $80+ pair of pants to wear once. You know what I'm saying? And then there's the sewing and make up and hair... madness that way lies.

So I'm going to pare it down. I really have a specific image for Ozma, so I'm pushing that costume back to next year or so, to give myself time to get it right. What I will do is incorporate certain pieces so that at least I'm partially there. This leaves me with some money to spend on my other costume, for Bad Faeries Ball. And now of course I'm rethinking that one, too. LOL

Whatever. I have plans and it will all work out.
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Cosplay of Oz

So, I've long been fascinated by the character of Princess Ozma. If you've only ever seen the Judy Garland movie, you may not know who she is. She made an appearance in Return to Oz (1985) but she was in most of the books and I think she even has a comic book series somewhere.

I love her. For a while now, I've toyed with the idea of cosplaying as Ozma.

I am not against drag. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Except for the part where I am a Mediterranean elf with all the body hair that entails. Even if I went with a long sleeved dress, I'd need gloves. I've shaved the beard for cosplay before, but I'd need beaucoup makeup to hide that shit anyway. Drag is work, and I'm lazy.

If only Harvey Fierstein were here to be my fairy dragmother.

Then I thought of doing boi!Ozma. But I feel funny doing a genderbent Ozma when Ozma already is a trans* character. (If you haven't read the books, maybe this catches your interest.)

So now I'm waffling, and thinking maybe I could cosplay as another citizen of the Emerald City, but I just really like Ozma.

And I can't find that bloody OZ crown anyway. Anybody know a good jeweler?
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Stuff, and things

[ETA: Some links have appeared on my post, they are spam. Don't click them. Meh. Revenge of the LJ, I guess.]

Ever have that mildly terrifying 'shit, am I dead?' moment when try as you might you can't get the motion sensor to see you?

Or have I been watching too much Supernatural?

I miss you guys. I miss LJ. But I think what I miss the most is taking the time to actually write a proper journal entry. It's not that I couldn't use the app to post at any time, but I don't want it to be a tweet or a Facebook status. That's lame.

Taking the time to read the entries, too. And comment. Fuck adulthood. Fuck going to work every day.

Whatever. I'm watching The Walking Dead on Netflix because I always meant to catch up. But it's mostly background noise as I reread an old half finished manuscript I was working on earlier this year. I really like what I've read so far. Just needs some tweaking so I can move on. It's not Terra Paradox (more on that later) but I'm really excited about it.

There's enough worldbuilding in it to keep me happy, but it's not as complex as the world of Terra Paradox. I kinda wrote myself into a cosmological clusterfuck in that one. I think at this point I should finish the whole trilogy, just to make sure it's not so convoluted that I can't write myself out of it. Then release each part.

Anyway, back to the one I'm working on now. I'm calling it The Outlaw Duchess and I think I'm keeping that title. It's an adventure-mystery-romance set in a medieval-style post-apocalyptic world. (Yes, it's still simpler than Terra.) Like, I really want to just gush about this story but I'm really bad at explaining my stories, somehow. It's weird.

Also, I'm going to be releasing, at some point, a series of YA short stories. They all take place in the same world, and for now, the same high school, but they're only vaguely connected. Like a minor character from one may be the protagonist in the other, so forth. I'm calling it the Mythic High series.

Rick and Shane are fighting again. Really, boys? Zombies all over the place and you're fighting over Rick's wife? Great, now you woke up the zombies. Good job, Shane! I think you should get written out of this show soon. Apparently this school was full of zombies. How is that any different from before the zombie apocalypse? Haha.

Anyway, the Mythic High stories. The first one has to do with a mermaid. The second, satyrs. That's all I'll say so far.

My other YA short story series is kind of sitting there, it's a traditional medieval-fantasy setting but the first story needs to be better than it is right now, so we'll see how long that takes.

I'm not giving time frames. I never keep them. But all that I just talked about will get published at some point. Hold me to it.

Love you guys! Hit up my comments.

Got a new Skype user name, jameshalfelven.

I need new LJ icons to reflect my current fandoms, and stuff. Also need to delete some from there. Yech.

Okay back to work.

Hey, LJ is owned in Russia, can I talk about gay stuff? Uh can I? Can I?

Yeah, by the way, all my stories have GAY PEOPLE! BECAUSE GAY MEANS HAPPY! Also, gay is awesome.

I had to.
Gypsy Fiddle

The Fiddler's Fall, a new short story

The realm of Faerie has been closed to humans for thousands of years, but there are certain places in the world where the barrier weakens, allowing two different dimensions to converge. The stories in this collection all take place near one of these crossroads. First up, The Fiddler's Fall, available now at Smashwords.


The Fiddler's Fall

What if the song about a fiddle duel with the Devil were based on
actual events? What if it got the details all wrong? When a new
fiddler comes into town, Dan has to find the truth before the
violinist he loves loses his soul. [ Adult Fantasy Short Story ]

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I really wish my faerie troop weren't so scattered all over the place. Can we all just get a big mansion all together? We need a faerie commune.
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No brainstorm, just a storm

At this point, all delays regarding the publication of my novella Terra Paradox are mine alone. I'll be honest, in between my own insecurities and my recent relationship saga, my mental energy has been on the floor.

This is the first time my work has been professionally edited. Intellectually, it's awesome. Emotionally, it's a roller coaster. Mentally, I know that I'm on a learning curve with both YA and 1st person. I knew that going in. But every correction reads to my ego as "This is bad, and you should feel bad." So whenever I sit down to work on it, I can only do so for a short time before I'm all "Fuck this shit."

In the meantime, I still have other writing projects I want to get done. But I can't justify working on them when I can't finish the one I'm almost done with. And despite my insecurities, I believe in those stories. I know they can be better than this one and I'm learning from my mistakes. But it's still exhausting.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and have The Outlaw Duchess and Changeling completed and ready for you. I still feel you'll love them, though I'm sure when I get to edit them, I will go through the same flailing I'm going through now.

It's hard for me to talk about this because I want you to believe in me, and want to read my work because that's why I write in the first place, but this is my journal and I'll whine if I want to. LOL

And I haven't stopped believing that I will be great some day, though there's no rational basis for it. It just feels so far away sometimes. And maybe that's just something I'll have to live with.

Fuck your Alphabets

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Here’s the thing. I’ve seen this trend lately, where LGBT has become LGBTQ or LGBTI or LGBTWTFBBQOMG and even fucking QUILTBAG.

Seriously? This is seriously what we’re doing?

Here’s what I see: an attempt at inclusiveness that falls short. We’re still a bunch of letters thrown together. Letters that can be rearranged, discarded, ignored on a whim. Even worse, letters that still force you to choose.

I’ve danced my way through the alphabet, and to be quite honest, the only label I would even come close to using on myself is ‘queer’. Yes, it was an insult once, but before that it just meant ‘strange’. And I see nothing wrong with being ‘strange’. I am part of a minority, and I’m fine with that. Being a minority isn’t a problem. Being an oppressed minority is.

But how can we move past that if we’re still putting each other into smaller and smaller boxes?

I would like to see an alphabet-free world. On the other hand, I see how at this point in time there are times when we need the letters. It will seem like I’m contradicting myself, but bear with me.

When I say I’m queer, what do you think it means? To you it probably means ‘gay guy’, because I’m a guy and I date men. But queer could mean bisexual, it could mean transgender, it could mean gender fluid, it could mean asexual or cross-dresser, or tomboy.  Why wouldn’t I want to use a more specific term? Frankly, because—and this is where it gets queer—I’m not always queer in the same way.

Digest that for a moment. I’ll wait.

I don’t think we should be limited, forced into little shoeboxes like the letters want us to.  We need bisexual people to be visible and proud, we need trans people to be visible and proud, we need asexual people and genderqueer people and all kinds of people to be okay with who they are and not be harassed for it. And we need to acknowledge the fact that people grow and change throughout life, and while I’m not supporting any kind of forced change or conversion, human relationships and identities are so complex that changes can and do happen throughout a person’s lifetime. And that is okay.

The letters are supposed to keep everyone visible, but again I see it fall short. We talk about how the T is often silent and the B is often reviled. And that is a whole other rant. I don’t want to come across as wanting to erase the individual identities, but perhaps a paradigm shift is in order.

Perhaps we should actively strive towards a culture where it truly doesn’t matter where on the spectrum you fall on any given day. Where your identity is about who you are, not about what you are or how or whom you love. We’re not there yet, not by a long shot, but I believe we can get there.

Of course, you are free to identify with whatever words or letters you prefer, and I will respect that. Whatever you call yourself, I will call you, but more than likely I will first call you by your name. Winking smile

I don’t have the answers. Hopefully by posing questions there can be a dialogue that will include sharper minds than mine. And I think we are heading slowly but surely in the right direction. There are young people out there who are rejecting gender labels altogether. It’s still jarring to most, but they are brave and courageous and standing their ground right in the middle of the binary. We need to respect that courage for what it is, and treat them as they wish to be treated.

In a way, that’s what I would like to see with ‘queer’ at least in regards to myself. If you have to classify me, personally, just put me under ‘queer’ and leave it alone. I don’t want to be shoved into any boxes smaller than that. Not because I want to dismiss specific parts of me, but because I want to include all of me beyond the tiny little labels. Does that make sense?