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FaerieCon was spectacular as usual. A well needed break. But I find myself having trouble letting go. I'm still wearing the wristband for the Bad Faeries Ball, tattered as it is. It's sparkly.

My left leg is swollen above the ankle. I'm not sure why, but if it's still fucked up by next month I'll have to make a dr's appointment. It doesn't hurt when I walk, though it twinges a bit if I land heavily on that foot. Also, skin feels tight. Hm. There's a bruise on one side, not sure where that came from. The swelling is barely noticeable, only if I look at both ankles together. I should take it easy for a while.

Anyway, something to put on here so I can look back and know how long I've had the issue for, if it persists. I have little concept of time, chronology... I'd probably be the best candidate for time travel, but the worst one to come back to the present with any reliable info.

I have an eye appointment on the 26th, and must remember to take time off work so I can get there by 3. 

Boring update is boring.

Been playing a lot of Dragon Age 2, and am tempted to put together a Fenris cosplay. It would take some work, though. His makeup is pretty involved. Also would need a white wig and a gigantic sword.

Must moisturize more.

Haven't written much since I had that anxiety attack a couple of weeks back. On the upside, I haven't had any more attacks. I think I will use the rest of my energy for the year to basically get my shit in order, financially, health-wise, and you know, all that boring grown-up shit. I know that's not the heroic thing to do, but it's shit that needs to be done and while I juggle hell and writing, the minutiae fall by the wayside and that doesn't help.

Anybody want to help me paint my living room?

Calling All Storytellers!

Originally posted by mermaiden at Calling All Storytellers!
On Monday, November 5th, at the sparkling hour of three PM (EST), there will be a new update to the Fable Tribe! But not just ANY update. In honor of the creative passion of the written word, storytelling and writing, and also in honor of the energy and vibrancy of National Novel Writing Month, this update is storyteller themed! Whether you write for a living, write out your heart at night, or write one month in the year, these Glamourkins speak the universal truths of the storyteller's passion: words wake the world. <3

Stay tuned for magic. <3


November is that time of year when people, still recovering from their sugar comas, undertake a thing known as National Novel Writing Month. I did this once, in 2008, and got a good head start on a novel that I’m still toying with.

But it was only because at the time, November 1st coincided with a lapse in my writing. Generally, I write every day of the fucking year, so NaNo means nothing to me. But, to those of you about to write, I salute you.

November for me is all about FaerieCon and three-day weekends and waiting for my birthday and Giftmas. It’s about cursing the fact that I live in a temperate zone and the weather turns cold, while loving the colours of the leaves and the break from the heat of summer.

And this year, like in 2008, it’s an election year.

Four years ago, we were almost done suffering through eight years of G Dubya. We had a choice of John McCain, who was frightening but still not Dubya, and virtually-unknown Barack Obama. At least, I’d never heard of him until the primaries. Not even sure I remember how he won that one. I remember being slightly disappointed it wasn’t Hilary Clinton. Now, after four years, I have complaints about Obama, but I have far more praise for him. Nobody’s perfect, and here’s the thing, you can’t expect the president to fix up all your shit. Yes, there is a lot a president can do, and a lot President Obama has done. But there is a lot more you have to do for y0urself. And a lot more we have to do for each other.

I’m a believer in community. That’s why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan scare the shit out of me. Their Ayn Rand wanking is everything that’s wrong with this world. Every man for himself gets nobody anywhere. It turns human existence into a meaningless struggle. Either humanity deserves to remain in this universe, or it doesn’t, and Mitt Romney’s version of how humanity should behave is a blight on the solar system.

But this isn’t a political post, at least, that’s not my intention. Election jitters just colour everything right now. I can’t help but have vicious thoughts sometimes, when I just can’t understand why anybody would vote Republican nowadays with how anti-everything they’ve become. I think ‘I hope Mitt Romney wins, brings about all this apocalyptic shit down on us, and then all those idiots who voted for him will be sorry!’

But of course I don’t really want that.

On the other hand, we have become so fucking complacent that I think it will take something hideously bad happening before we wake the fuck up.  But if reactions to Hurricane Sandy are any indication, all hope is lost. No, our relationship with our environment has nothing to do with the crazy weather, it’s THE GAYS!!!!

Anyway, go vote on Tuesday. At this point, I don’t care who you vote for, just fucking vote. And when the zombies come, we’ll sort that shit out.

No matter what happens, next weekend comes FaerieCon! And not a moment too soon. I look forward to that like Christmas. It’s one of the few times when I can stop pretending to be normal and just be my crazy elvish self. Rest assured there will be pictures.

And speaking of elves. I’ve come to the conclusion that Elijah Wood is an elf. Not only are his eyes freakishly blue and freakishly large, he hasn’t aged a bit in forever. He’s 31! Does he look 31? No. I rest my case.


Blood Zero Sky, by J. Gabriel Gates

May Fields has everything she’s supposed to want: a posh apartment, the latest gadgets, and a high-level job with one of the only two Corporations left in the world. In fact, her father is the CEO of N-Corp, the only company left in what was once the Western world and the only government May has ever known. Everything is owned by the Company. Those who refuse to work for the Company and live their lives by its strict HR code are deemed ‘unprofitable’ and marginalized, persecuted, imprisoned. Every worker goes deep into debt, and if HR considers their debt to exceed their profitability, they are taken to work camps to ‘work off the debt’.

Religion, once a tool of government, has realigned itself with the Company to promote hard work and unquestioning obedience. Gender conformity is reinforced, and May, a lesbian, has to repress her desires and hide her individuality from the world. Yet, it’s the only life she’s ever known, so she’s worked hard to accept it and make the best of it. But when she has to deliver the shocking news that the Company will actually lose money for the first time in decades everything begins to unravel.

Blood Zero Sky reads like the 21st Century bastard child of Brave New World and1984, as directed by Ridley Scott. Set in a very near future, it starkly warns of an all-too-possible future where rampant capitalism and unbridled consumerism have allowed a single corporation to amass all the power in the world. Where innovation has stagnated because there is no competition anymore. Everybody’s identity is coded into small cross-shaped chips implanted on the cheek and your every action and thought is monitored.

Gates makes you believe this world is not only possible, but it’s almost here. Once the groundwork is laid for the setting, each revelation as to how its society works becomes even more spine-chilling because it evolves logically from the basic premise, and the direction our world is heading today. May Fields, though hard to like at the very beginning, is an engaging narrative voice who guides the reader from the point of view of an insider through a fast-paced discovery of the Company and the rebel movement fighting against it. She grows from the complacency of her upbringing into a rebel leader without losing her depth of character. Foremost, this is a human story. A tale of self-discovery and personal transformation and the sacrifices one can be willing to make when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. This is not a happy book, but it tells a story which is important to tell and is also entertaining. I give it four stars.

Pre-Order Blood Zero Sky at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or IndieBound. Read more about the author at his website!


Nomadic Soul

I’ve lived in Harrisburg, PA for roughly seven years now. I think that’s just about long enough.

Unfortunately, I must remain at least one more year because of reasons. That’s fine, I can deal. The truth remains that relocating for me, while mentally and emotionally easy, is logistically more complex than that. This time around in particular I want to downsize 95% of the crap I’ve accumulated. It’s a slow process, which should hopefully align with the timeframe of one year.

The thing I realised was that even though I didn’t really mean to, I put down roots here. I don’t mean familial roots. Those predate Pennsylvania and those I’ve gained by extension will always be part of my life. I’m talking about the financial commitments which make it difficult to simply pick up and go. I’m talking about the clutter in my apartment which needs to be reckoned with.

My ultimate goal is to fit everything I own into the back of my Fit. It is quite a challenge, as I would be loathe to part with my costume collection. And my DVD’s. Other than that, I’m pretty flexible, but I should probably hang on to some crockery at least.

My list of possible destinations is pretty short right now. Just yesterday I figured I would add Williamsport, PA to the list. I don’t particularly see the appeal, but my current employer has an office there. I may be able to find a job to transfer to, making the transition easier. And it’s further north, and closer to New York. Somewhere in New York would be another option. But it would need to be a place with at least some sort of LGBT organisation/presence. I wouldn’t want to be the lonely queer in Hicksville.

While New England as a whole seems all right, I’m not even particularly attracted. Not opposed, but for some reason I’m drawn west. I could try Oregon or Washington, maybe. Or Canada if Romney gets elected.

Or, if I really need to flee the death camps, there’s always Costa Rica or Spain. But we’re not there yet.

Pretend you’re trying to convince me to move to your town. What do you have to say for it?

Vardo by night (ohsweetwitchery)

Sparkle Tour 2012!

Now on a brighter note, I will be a busy busy bee this September.

This weekend I'm visiting the wonderful willow_cabin and mermaiden! I'm excited to see them.

Then next weekend I'm visiting the Village Renaissance Faire for the first time. Mum's coming with me, but Dad will be camping that weekend.

Then the weekend after that, Enter the Haggis is playing up in Jim Thorpe, PA, and I'm not sure what else is happening that weekend but I think there's something going on Sunday.

And the very last weekend, Woofstock! I took Merlin when he was a wee puppy last year. There will be pictures.