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Trek: choke a bitch (suzyx)

Fuck this shit

So I was having this dream that I kept snoozing for. It was somehow Merlin-esque but not exactly. I was some sort of commoner/servant in love with the prince/noble, and his daddy, who bore a resemblance to Athony Stewart Head, disapproved. Until we put on an impromptu concert a-la Scythian's Celtic Fling Ceilidh finale and he could no longer argue that I kicked massive amounts of ass even though I was only playing the maracas.

Was it worth it? No. I rolled out of bed at 7:30. This HAS. TO. STOP!!

Perhaps since I'm not flexing my creative muses in the waking hours I felt the need to revel in the dream.

Then I got up and reamembered that there's bird shit on my car that didn't come out in the car wash (waste of $7) so I had to go scrub it out.

And now I'm here with coffee, no breakfast, and less than an hour to write if I want to practice violin.

Let's see. Prioritahs. Writing > Violin.

I think I can bloody well skip a day if I get some writing done.


I dreamt the Flying Spaghetti Monster mated with a Giant Glowy Squid and they had glowing pasta offspring.

That is all.

PS. And I dreamt that the fumigating truck ran by my house again too. This is how frazzled the damn thing has me. But just one more week and I'm outta here.

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